Reusable Baby Wipes

Our first guest post is written by the lovely Corinne. All about making the switch from disposable baby wipes to reusable! Check out her Instagram - her little girl Thea is one of our gorgeous brand reps.
When I had my baby girl I stocked up on a mountain pile of baby wipes. 
After only a few weeks my wipe stash had almost disappeared.  This got me thinking, as parents, how many baby wipes do we use? And what are these disposable wipes doing to the environment.  
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      This sparked an interest in me to research reusable / cloth  wipes. 
At first it was quite overwhelming as their are so many available and the reviews were all so mixed. I found the easiest and most cost effective way to swap to reusable wipes would be to make your own from old towels. But how would this work? How would you store them? How would you keep them moist for when you need them? So many questions!! 
        I asked my partner his advice, he said to stick to what we know, it’s “cheaper” and “easier”. I decided to ignore his advice as he’s never changed a nappy in his life. 
Two things happened which made my mind up for me;
1. A dirty nappy one day took 11 baby wipes to clean up. 11!!! 
2. I began weaning my baby and she despised having her face wiped with a baby wipe. She wouldn’t let me touch her face with one 
I decided to order two sets of wipes,  one for nappy changes and one for weaning. I also swapped cotton pads for reusable pads. 
I won’t lie, they were expensive to start with, but in the long run they will be more cost effective. 
     Coming from a person who doesn’t like change I was not looking forward to the transition to these new clothes wipes. When they came I got set up and started using them straight away. Swapping from normal wipes was easy and stress free. 
     I’ve been using my new wipes now for nearly a month and I wish I had of used these from the start. Even the dirtiest nappies have only taken 2 wipes to clean, she now doesn’t mind having her face wiped, she even takes the wipes off me and tries to wipe down her high chair tray. They’re also eco friendly which makes me feel so much better, as I’m doing my bit to help the environment. 
I’m glad I made the decision to swap over to reusable wipes. It’s something I would recommend parents look into.
Corinne x